About Me

I write strategic content for companies, universities, and marketing agencies, and I can help you design or hone your content marketing strategy to get the results you want.




Compelling Brand Picture?


Target Audience?

I’m a long-form specialist with a track record of successful thought leadership pieces, special reports, white papers, case studies, feature articles, and content campaigns. I’ve worked in lots of different topic areas (mosey over here to see a list), but I also love learning about new companies and industries.

I started my business as a freelance journalist, writing pieces on science, health, travel, and history for Discover, Better Homes & Gardens, Yoga Journal, The History Channel Magazine, HGTV.com, and other national publications. I love digging into a good meaty story—only now I do it for businesses and causes rather than newspapers and magazines.


Outside of work? I’m an avid gardener and cook in Knoxville, Tennessee. I love weeping conifers and animals of all sizes. I do the New York Times Sunday crossword in ink (what’s the worst that could happen?).

And you probably shouldn’t call me about a new project during the first two days of March Madness. Believe me, I’m just looking out for you here.