For Marketing Agencies

I have more than a decade of experience working not just with agencies as clients, but working in close partnerships with agencies as a trusted part of the team. Agency work is a huge part of my business. I know what you’re looking for in a support writer, and I also know these two things:

No. 1

Hiring an outside writer is smart.

Working at an ad agency is like working at a circus. Some days it’s cotton candy and trapezes, some days it’s scary clowns. But always, always, there’s juggling. I know that as a creative director or marketing director, you have a hundred balls in the air and you’re looking for a support writer who requires no hand-holding and who can absorb your culture and style quickly.

Oh, and turn out a stellar product that knocks your clients’ socks off. On time. It’s a genius move, if it works.

Good news: I am exactly that writer, and I have filled that role successfully for a number of marketing and advertising agencies. Call me when . . .

  • Your capable copywriters are juggling multiple projects and a giant bandwidth-eating writing assignment comes across the transom—and you’re panicking
  • You don’t want the guy writing the body spray ads to craft your new nonprofit client’s thought leadership piece—and you’re panicking
  • You’re between copywriters at the worst possible time—and you’re panicking

I do, by the way, also serve clients who aren’t panicking, and who just recognize the value of having a great support writer standing by. Whatever mood you’re in, or whatever your situation, call or email me and we can figure out if we’re a good fit for each other.

No. 2

Hiring an outside writer is risky.

I get that.

Some writers can’t take direction. Others disappear during revisions. Still others don’t get your agency and don’t really bother trying, and their work feels like a total disconnect when they turn it in—four hours before it’s due to the end client. It’s like jumping off a cliff a little bit, hiring an unknown writer.

But I think I can check off some boxes for you that will put you at ease:

  • I have more than a decade of experience not only working with agencies as clients, but working in close partnerships as a trusted part of the agency team. I’ve sat in the three-hour office meetings. I’ve done the brainstorming sessions with white-knuckle deadlines attached. I know what you call that one client when the mute button is on. I know the stresses the account team, the creative team, and the leadership team are under and what my role is in alleviating those stresses.
  • I am deadline-driven and professional, always, and I can point you to a dozen people who will vouch for that.
  • I know what it takes to make you look good to your boss and to your client, and that will be my first goal.
  • I know marketing and I know how to tell a good story. My work will always be engaging, never boring or impenetrable.
  • I’m an ace at long-form writing and complex thought pieces. If you don’t have that capability on your staff, don’t sweat it. I can fill the gap.
  • I value partnerships over projects, and I strive to get to know what you’re about. I can’t guarantee we’ll be a good match. But I know the questions to ask to find out.

Get in touch & let’s get started